Refrigerate at All Times!

We all know the dreadful fact that we refrigerate our meat to avoid bacteria and unwanted microorganisms on them, but not everyone knows that these bacteria may accumulate within two hours of unrefrigerated food. More so when the season heats summer and everything is dry and bland, people should be well aware to keep their good in a great commercial refrigeration habit. By doing so, you are keeping your food and family from diseases and food poisoning.

By refrigerating, you are letting the cold temperature slow down the growth of ill-causing bacteria on your food, that is why it is very much advisable and needed to chill food at all times and with proper measures.

Tips on Proper Chilling of Food

Be careful in packing your refrigerator. Always makes sure that cold air circulates in your refrigerator, and in this case, you must not over-stuff your fridge which may cause the air inside to get stagnant, making you end up with still spoiled food.

Your fridge should be between 40 ˚F and 32 ˚F. Make it a necessity to own an Appliance thermometer to help you know if the fridge is cold enough. Also, with this step, you can maximize the use of electricity on your refrigerators.

Identify perishable foods, and make sure to get them inside your fridge within the next two hours, of course refrigerating food after two hours or so may mean refrigerating the accumulated bacteria as well. Be more cautious with this one especially during the summer period where the weather is typically low and is more prone to bacteria formation.

Lastly, leftovers should be divided into clean and sealed containers not over two hours after eating a part of them. Shallow containers make you chill the food faster lengthening their shelf life.

Here are some Food that you don’t want Inside your Fridge