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The state of California is rotten to the core. The vast majority of the legislators, not all, the vast majority of the judicial system has simply been taken over by some very bad people.

Rotten to the core

The state of California is rotten to the core. The vast majority of the legislators, not all, the vast majority of the judicial system has simply been taken over by some very bad people. These are people who think nothing of stealing your vote, stealing your money, stealing your rights and turning up their middle finger at our founding documents that promise us, all of us, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

I have spent the last 30 years of my life in Santa Barbara County trying to fight those who would steal our rights, starting in the 1980s with the “Antiquated Subdivisions” public hearing that my father sent me to to make sure the Board of Supervisors did not steal the value of nearly 2,000 acres of valley land from us. These were lots based on a map from the 1880s, the same map on which Naples on the coast was based. Since my grandmother bought San Lucas in 1924, it was not an old map at the time of purchase; thus, it was part of the value of the property. Although we never had any intention of developing those parcels, the taxes we paid every year for more than 80 years were based on that ability to subdivide.

Although I made a nice speech citing numerous reasons why the BOS did not have the right to remove the subdivisions unless they were willing to reduce the taxes substantially on the two parcels, they were not interested in what either I nor the owner of Naples, Matt Osgood, had to say. They removed the subdivision right and refused to lower the taxes. I left the meeting stunned that they were so arrogant. I had no idea, at the time, with whom I was dealing.

Forward 30 years. After the last four years of investigation into obvious voter fraud in 2008 and 2012, I now know who I am dealing with and you will too. I have already published numerous signatures of someone who worked for the Dem/Progs at UCSB who now lives in Washington, D.C. – how handy.

I have published the sheriff’s report recommending the prosecution of five individuals for election code violations. I have published the results of court after court that refused to hear the evidence. I have told you about how the last appeal court made an error when it stated that no evidence had been presented. When we pointed out the error, they changed their verdict to remove that inaccurate statement but wouldn’t change their verdict, even though it no longer made sense. They just either didn’t care or are now part of the problem rather than the solution.

Right in the beginning, I was alerted to a problem when there was more than 100% voter turnout in numerous precincts at UCSB in 2008. The 2012 election had 140% turnout in parts of Florida. Wouldn’t that signal to you that there is something wrong here? The elections officer in Florida didn’t think so, just like Santa Barbara County’s District Attorney and California’s Secretary of State. This is obviously not just California’s problem. Are you following me here?

We put together the website, so that you could see exactly how the fraud is done. I hope you have taken the time to look at it because you need to educate yourself on what to look for. Unless you familiarize yourself with the issue, this will continue until our system is so compromised that it is worthless, the progs (progressives) aim, and then we will live under a dictatorship like some little third-world country. Perhaps we are already there. I have given you the information of where the journey has gone so you don’t repeat the effort.

We have gone to the California Supreme Court who just last week refused to hear the case, hence the opening reference to rotten cores. Our last step is the United States Supreme Court, because voter fraud is a national issue. States that require voter ID amazingly voted primarily for the Republican. Wonder why that was?

So where does that leave us? We have legislators who want to put in vote-by-mail systems everywhere that guarantees massive fraud. We have a public who desperately wants voter ID laws to be mandatory nationally. We have two national political parties, Republicans and Democrats, who are equally complicit in assuring voter fraud continuing into the future, who will not stop what is happening now.

We have a media, except us, who actively support the theft of everything and are more interested in reporting voter fraud in Egypt than the United States. We have a court system that is beholden to the political masters despite their obligation to carry out the laws of the land. We have a small group of citizens who have carried the burden of the truth for a number of years who cannot be expected to carry it forever. And we are in danger of losing everything we hold dear.

Whether it is voter fraud, casino expansion, oak trees, water rights, traffic, crime or tasting rooms, we have a lot to lose just in the Santa Ynez Valley. Growth is one thing, but when you have legislators who are busy spending your tax dollars to promote “sustainable communities,” I strongly suggest you inform yourself and get involved before you get shuttled off to the city and out of the rural area. These people are not planning for your benefit but for their own.

I have provided for your information another screaming example of fraud (on the cover and pages 6-7) where a registration signature and a ballot signature do not even faintly resemble each other. Yet this “vote” was counted as legitimate. What is going on in the registrar’s office? Do you have the fortitude to look into it and stop it? Do you have friends who could work with you? You will need a coalition to work through this, it is doable, but you cannot do it alone.

I have spent a lot of time, money and effort to pursue the sources of voter fraud in this county. I have gained an enormous amount of information, pictures, evidence and expertise on the topic. I am not done. I intend to continue the work to its logical conclusion, but you can no longer afford to assume I will take care of everything as you have for the past four years.

There are several people who have assumed your burden for the last several years, energy-wise and financially on a number of topics important to everyone here. Whether it is voter fraud or casino expansion, a very few people have actually helped. While your kind words of support have been nice, they don’t produce energy, they didn’t defeat voter fraud and they don’t pay the attorneys bills. It is not up to me to “save” the valley or anything else, as I have heard some people say. If you live here, you have to help. Do it for your kids if not for yourself, or life will be altered substantially in the future.


Since I made the painful decision to stop publishing the Valley Journal, rumors have been rampant. While I have been going to horse shows in Oklahoma and Texas for the last several weeks, I have been barraged with rumors about the Journal being sold, about my moving to other states, about how all kinds of silly things are happening. Here’s the truth:

I have owned the Santa Ynez Valley Journal for six years, with the intent of educating the public on the importance of agriculture to their daily lives and to make sure that important topics of county activity were reported to the public in a timely fashion. I believe that I have accomplished that goal.

I could not have done this without the extraordinary and dedicated work of eight individuals who have been a part of this adventure. They are listed inside the front cover, and I am indebted to them for their unwavering support of the concept of being a vital part of this community.

Most everybody knows that changes are coming in January, and I am going to be hit hard with new taxes due to Obamacare. As a result, I am unable to continue to pay reasonable salaries to the professionals working for this newspaper. Everything you have heard about how small business has been given 18 tax breaks is simply a lie. I have received no tax breaks on anything anywhere – and furthermore, I expect huge tax increases next year and the years following, because I am one of those who actually pay taxes. I guess you get what somebody may have voted for.

In the meantime, I close with a heavy heart and wish my former employees good luck in the future. I know they all have the highest of recommendations from the Journal. The newspaper is not being sold, just ceasing publication until we have a more reasonable government.