August 16

August 16

Another drunk

Deputies observed a 25-year-old Santa Barbara man asleep in his car with the motor running outside a local tavern in Santa Ynez. Upon being awakened the man was confused and unable to care for himself. He was arrested for public intoxication and transported to the Lompoc jail.


Happy Birthday!

A 28-year-old Santa Ynez woman was observed by deputies outside a Santa Ynez tavern in her car. The woman told deputies that she was celebrating her birthday with her boyfriend but had an argument. Although the woman was in her car with the keys in her hand she stated that she did not intend to drive. The deputies made sure that she was not going to drive by placing her under arrest for public intoxication. She was transported to Santa Barbara jail to sober up.


August 15


A 42-year-old Nipomo woman was placed under citizen’s arrest by security at the Chumash Casino. The woman was previously banned from the casino. She returned and was cited by the sheriff’s department for trespass.



Deputies responded to a report of a prowler in the 900-block of Nysted in Solvang. The 43-year-old resident told deputies she was watching the Olympics on TV at about 1:00 a.m. when she saw a man looking through the window of her house. The woman screamed and the man ran away. A search of the area did not turn up any suspects.


August 14

Leash those dogs

A 59-year-old Solvang man was jogging with his dog on a leash near Solvang Elementary School. Another man was on the school field with his two boxer dogs off leash. When the two boxers saw the man and his dog jogging, they charged in an apparent attempt to attack. The man jogging was then pulled to the ground by his own dog as it tried to run, injuring the man, who fell and hit his face on the pavement. The man with the boxers was later found and told that he needed to keep his dogs leashed.


Long distance theft

Deputies took a report from a Solvang wine shop that a purchase of $2,200 worth of wine was made by a man who contacted the shop through the Internet. The wine was shipped to an address on the East Coast. The shop became suspicious when the man tried to purchase more wine. A call to the credit card’s issuing bank revealed that the card was not in the man’s name. A report was taken.


August 13

Attempted gas theft

The employee of the water district office in Santa Ynez reported to deputies that someone had tried to steal gas from a district truck parked in a fenced area. The truck had only one quarter tank of fuel and the thieves apparently were only sucking fumes.


August 11

Lost or stolen dog

The employee of a Solvang farm reported that a one-year-old dog that was kept on the farm to keep coyotes away was missing. Two other dogs that were kept on the property in the past also have disappeared. There are no suspects.



Deputies took reports of three small fires started in local schools. The fires caused minimal damage but one was set adjacent to a natural gas line and had the potential to cause substantial damage.


August 10

Guy needs diapers

Deputies were called to the Chumash Casino in the 3400-block of Highway 246 for a report of a man driving drunk. The man had been stopped by resort security and was handcuffed and placed on a bench. Upon arrival deputies saw that the man could not stand without help and had soiled his pants while sitting on the bench. The 39-year-old Los Olivos man admitted that his license was suspended from a previous DUI. The man had given the OK for a blood sample but refused when taken to the local emergency room and again in Santa Barbara. The man was booked into the Santa Barbara jail for public intoxication and driving on a suspended license. His bail was set at $10,000.


No license

A 37-year-old Mission Hills woman was stopped by deputies for driving with an inoperative license plate light. The woman could only provide an expired driver license and admitted to not having a valid license. She was cited. The male passenger was in the car drinking beer and gave a false identification. He was transported to Lompoc jail where a fingerprint check showed that he had lied about his identity. He was charged with having an open container and lying about his identity.


August 8

Under the influence of meth

Deputies on foot patrol at the Chumash Casino observed a woman displaying the outward signs of drug intoxication. Upon questioning, the woman admitted to having used drugs recently. Submitting to a urine test, the 44-year-old Santa Maria woman tested presumptively positive for methamphetamine. The woman was transported to Lompoc jail and booked for being under the influence of drugs.


August 7

How many beers?

A 53-year-old man from Isleton made a U-turn on Mission Drive in Solvang that caught the attention of a patrolling sheriff’s deputy. The man turned into the parking lot of a hotel and then turned around leaving the lot to find another place to park. The deputy parked near the man’s car and confronted the man before he exited his car. The man said that he had consumed three beers but when given a field sobriety test then admitted that he had in consumed six beers and a glass of wine. The man was cited for driving under the influence and booked into the Lompoc jail.


Threats to a minor

The owner of a Solvang restaurant was questioned after it was reported that the teenage thief who had stolen the restaurant’s signs came to apologize. The encounter did not go well and the teen felt that he was threatened by the restaurant owner. The “victim” did not choose to press charges.


Theft by credit card

A 50-year-old Santa Ynez man reported that his credit card had been used to purchase a Dell computer via the Internet. The man contacted his bank and the account was closed, but attempts to have the delivery interrupted were not carried out by the delivery company. Deputies took a report and forwarded information to law enforcement authorities in the city where the computer was delivered.


August 4

ATM card unauthorized use

A woman reported that her ATM card was used in Solvang to withdraw $380 from her account. It is suspected that a family member may have used the card to get paid back for damaged property. Deputies are following up.


August 3

Drug arrest

A 46-year-old Santa Barbara man walking near the rear of a Solvang bank on Copenhagen Drive was stopped by deputies at about 2:00 a.m.. The man was known to be on felony probation and was questioned about his drug use, as he was displaying the outward signs of methamphetamine intoxication. The man was required to provide a urine sample for drug testing, which showed a presumptively positive result. The man was cited and released.


Stolen gift cards

A man and woman were arrested at the Chumash Casino for possession of several stolen gift cards. Security at the local resort recognized the pair from an encounter in June during which stolen cards were used. Deputies confronted the pair separately and upon a search a number of stolen cards were found. The pair was placed in custody and charged with use of fraudulent cards.


August 2

Signs of bad parenting

The 34-year-old mother of teenagers lied to deputies when questioned about a report that her car was seen near a Solvang restaurant that had reported its sign stolen for the third time. The mom was the driver of the getaway vehicle, and later told the teens responsible for the theft to get rid of the sign as taking it was a felony. Mom was charged with being an accessory, contributing to the delinquency of a minor and failure in her parental responsibilities. All the signs were returned to the restaurant.


July 31

Stolen credit card

A 43-year-old Arroyo Grande man is being sought for attempted burglary after he tried to use a relative’s driver license and identification to get cash from a local resort. A call to the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s office revealed that the man was known to authorities and was suspected in other attempts to get money by fraudulent means. Authorities are on the lookout for the man.


July 29


A 21-year-old Los Alamos man was caught by his employer embezzling money from his cash drawer. The man was caught in a random check of the cash drawers and found to have taken more than $4,200 from the bank where he worked. The crime had taken place more than one month before and the man was to have made reimbursement to the bank but did not. He was arrested for embezzlement.


July 26

Not his Social Security number

Sheriff’s deputies received a report from a Stockton man that the social security number of his 11-year-old son had been used by someone working in Buellton. An investigation revealed that the number was being used by someone who had worked for a one month period for a local agricultural company. The man no longer worked there and deputies took a report.