Worldwide broadcasting, at a limited scope, started during World War I, when British and German channels broadcast media communiqués utilizing Morse code. Broadcasters in 1 nation have motives. The examples provided below are not intended to be exhaustive, but are still descriptive.

Although television and radio programs do traveling outside national boundaries, in many instances reception by thieves is accidental. But for functions of propaganda, devoting spiritual beliefs, keeping connected with colonies or expatriates, schooling, enhancing commerce, raising domestic prestige, or boosting goodwill and tourism, broadcasting solutions have functioned outside services as the 1920s.

International broadcasting is broadcasting that’s intentionally aimed at a foreign, instead of a national, audience. It normally is broadcast by way of longwave, mediumwave, or (more generally ) shortwave radio, however in the past few decades has also used direct satellite broadcasting as well as the net as way of reaching viewers.