Debate over?

I keep hearing these days that the debate about global warming is over. Really? Seems to me that the debate is just beginning particularly since the data we have been assured proves the existence of global warming is now in question. In fact, because the researchers threw out much of the data, one could reasonably suppose that it was thrown out so that it could not be checked as to accuracy.

I hate to think that so-called scientists are cherry picking their data to make it look as if it supports the agenda they want to follow, or rather, that they want us to follow. It appears from what data is left, particularly tree ring data, that the evidence is not at all as clear cut as we have been led to believe.

I bring this topic up repeatedly because I want you to understand just how insidious this scheme is and how it will seriously impact your way of life, your livelihood and your freedom. The global warming issue is only one way that is intended to create an elite class which does not include you or me. More on that later.

It is hard to believe that with the gorgeous weather this past week here in the valley that our friends and family in other parts of the nation are being buried under tons of snow. I have a sister in Idaho and one in Michigan and we have been trading pictures of our homes in order to show the weather. My sister in Michigan lives on a beautiful farm but the picture of my brother-in-law going out to the barn to feed the animals does not make me want to move there.

I donít think that one can discard the concept of global warming just because Southern California is in the 70ís in January because the topic is much more complex than that. Just because ice is melting near the North Pole does not prove anything because there actually used to be passage through there years ago. There are reports that the South Pole, by contrast, is actually developing ice earlier and more of it in recent years. I would be willing to accept that there is climate change, but every farmer and rancher knows that. No year is like the year before or usually like any other year in oneís lifetime. This is part of what makes farming and ranching so challenging and makes it ill advised to try to make rules about how to conduct oneís business as some are inclined to do.

So, what then, are we to make of this discussion? I would suggest that we have two basic questions to answer and it will take a good long while to truthfully provide the answers. First, one needs to begin to track weather changes to try to determine a norm. I think that will be exceedingly difficult to capture a range that truly reflects a given areas weather norms. Second, instead of calling it global warming, letís call it what it actually is, climate change. Climate changes every day but if there are trends that we could plan for, it would be useful information. Finally, before making loud pronouncements about how mankind has caused all of these environmental problems, letís be honest and find actual correlation between climate changes and human impact that can be proven. Speculation on this is extremely damaging not only to the economy that cannot take any more hits at the present time but also to oneís way of life.

Valley life

Speaking of the beautiful weather we have been enjoying here in the valley these days, I thought you might like to see a bit of the annual team penning hosted by Michael and Nancy Lippman at their Great Oaks Ranch. Dozens of their friends descended on them with their horses for a day of fun followed by a fabulous luncheon. Bill Keyes and his team were the lucky ones this year to successfully pen all of their cattle with the least amount of time. Congratulations! Arenít we lucky to be able to spend the day with our horses and our friends instead of struggling with mounds of snow?


I donít know about you, but shortly after the first of a new year, my thoughts begin to turn towards the time in April when taxes are due. For me it is not a time to look forward to a refund although once in a very great while things changed so that I was able to get a refund. I usually owe money that I pay quarterly because I am not taxed through a salary. I am grateful that so far I have been able to keep up with the payments. I am very concerned about major tax increases coming for the ďhealth careĒ program, the cap-and-trade tax and whatever other taxes will be added to pay for our politiciansí excesses.

I read the other day that while senior citizens were not given the annual COLA increase for 2010-2011 that they usually receive to help them keep up with inflation, the politicians voted themselves another raise. Who are they kidding? Do they really think we will stand for this indefinitely? When voting time comes around again, I will try to put together a list of just such information so you can decide whether they have your interests at heart or whether they are just in it for themselves.

I also read that paid tax preparers are now going to be required to register with the IRS, to pass a competency test and swear to uphold ethical standards. What a joke! How come our politicians donít have to follow ethical standards? While it may be desirable to have ethical tax preparers and ones who actually know what they are doing, I wonder why our society has found it acceptable to tolerate people in any business who are not ethical. I guess nowadays with so many people, it is easy to cheat people in a given community like ours and then move on when too many of them know how they operate. I have seen it here in the valley where people are fooled for awhile by the charming personalities. When enough of the horror stories start to circulate, the perpetrators usually quietly move away to prey on another community. Of course, there are always some who prefer to stay and develop their own tiny group of devotees. We have that here too.


I am patiently waiting for a few things. I am waiting for the promised rain, an El Nino year the forecasters said! Yea? So where is it? And we accept predictions from these folks ten years in advance when they canít accurately predict weather two days hence?

The grass has been started again and despite the very cold nights there for a few days when we had ice in our water pipes, the warm days we have seen lately have really made it grow. Now we just need a bit more water to keep it going. The cows are already chasing it around the fields. As you go down the highway you may notice how widely they are scattered. It is a sure sign that they are trying to find every little bit of the green stuff as it pokes its head above the ground.

I am also waiting to see what the New Year brings in terms of changes to our society. I have been reading up on all of the information I can find on progressivism, socialism, Marxism and a new type of philosophy that possibly you are not aware of. Although I was once a philosophy major for a short period of time until it dawned on me that it wasnít a very useful major and was best left to those with a lot of leisure time, reacquainting myself with the renewed attempts to change our society from something so successful to something that has been tried and failed it offers an interesting look for all of us.

I have come up with a few understandings I did not have before such as the fact that progressives belong to both Democrat and Republican parties. I have become aware of the Cloward and Piven strategy that is designed to hasten the fall of capitalism by means of overwhelming the government with demands of entitlements such as food stamps, jobless benefits and healthcare. Are you aware that jobless benefits continue to be extended?

The strategy depends on crises created to motivate people to certain behaviors. Environmental crises are the perfect answer to get people to send their money to save that cute fuzzy animal. Economic crises are useful as well as long as the media helps by promoting fear for our future economic stability. If you wonder why we are spending so much money when we apparently are broke, you might want to look this strategy up.

The three main areas that have been used so far are welfare, housing and voting. ACORN has been in the forefront of working the system to accomplish the goals of fundamentally changing our society by first destroying it. We are all aware of consistent problems with our voting system, even locally, but that is about to change. It is predicted that Chuck Schumer and Barney Frank will propose a bill early this year to support universal voter registration. This means that if you are on any list of anything ranging from owning a registered car, to being a tenant, to being in jail, you will be able to vote whether you are ďeligibleĒ or not. You donít even have to be a citizen and being a felon no longer will mean that you cannot vote. The problem with this approach is clear and the motive is clear as well.

As my parents told me repeatedly over the years, freedom requires eternal vigilance. We all need to pay attention, get informed, and get involved. There are a few of these progressives right in our backyard and it is time to send them on to other places in the world where they would be more appreciated. Letís get started.