The maturation of the electric telegraph, which frequently went along railroad lines, allowed information to travel faster, more than distances.Days before Morse’s Baltimore–Washington line transmitted the famous question,”What hath God wrought?” , it sent the information that Henry Clay and Theodore Frelinghuysen was picked by the Whig nominating celebration ) Telegraph networks let a fresh centralization of this information, at the palms of cable services focused in major cities.

The contemporary type of those originated with Charles-Louis Havas, that based Bureau Havas (afterwards Agence France-Presse) at Paris. Havas started in 1832, utilizing the French administration’s optical telegraph network. Havas started to utilize the electrical telegraph as it became available. Among Havas’s protoges, Bernhard Wolff, based Wolffs Telegraphisches Bureau at Berlin at 1849. Still another Havas disciple, Paul Reuter, started amassing information from Germany and France from 1849, and in 1851 immigrated to London, where he created that the Reuters news bureau –specializing in news in the continent

. Before insulated telegraph line crossed the English Channel in 1851, Reuter won the right to transmit stock market costs between Paris and London.He maneuvered Reuters to a dominant international position together with the motto“Follow the Cable”, putting up news outposts throughout the British Empire at Alexandria (1865), Bombay (1866), Melbourne (1874), Sydney (1874), and Cape Town (1876).In that the usa, the Associated Press turned into a news powerhouse, gaining a direct position through a private arrangement with all the Western Union business.