On the road

My name is Bud Tullis. My wife, Barbara, and our three daughters have lived at 1703 Ballard Canyon Road since 1977. We have worked very hard to stay here, and we treasure this location. In fact, two of our daughters have moved back with their families. We currently have three generations living here and plan to continue this way as a family plan. I was incensed by the remarks of Michael Larner regarding the makeup of the residences near his vineyard, inferring that most of us are retirees and not making a living off our land. Many of the Ballard Canyon residents live on 5 to 20 acre parcels and raise animals and have vegetables gardens for their own use. Most all of us have or are still working for a living in order to live here. Ballard Canyon is a precious place and also needs to be a safe place for everyone to raise their children. We recognize the importance of vineyards in agriculture and even the production of the wine on site, but we feel strongly against the wine tasting and special events. We believe that wine tasting and special events will bring too many impaired drivers onto Ballard Canyon Road and will make it unsafe for all local residents and their families.

Bud and Barbara Tullis


Why government is bankrupt

Fifteen trillion (dollars) and counting. America is just foolish enough to become like Greece. Too many government workers doing jobs that the private sector could do for far less – if the service is in the Yellow Pages put it out to bid and save the taxpayers’ money. Too many people on Welfare. Too many people on food stamps. Too many people on Section 8. Too many illegal aliens getting all the above? Too few people turning to churches, family, friends, neighbors and charities first (no, they go straight to government with no accountability). Free money – yours! Too few people paying taxes who have private sector jobs, to be able to support all the people on the dole (legal and illegal). Too many lawyers chasing companies out of America with phony class action law suits. Tort reform needed now! Too many lazy Americans who feel the government, you and I owe them something for nothing. Too many costly insurance requirements for business, because of lack of tort reform – chasing business to other countries. Too many phony workers’ comp, liability and other insurance claims; Americans are now all victims of something. Too many people forget that you should respect your job, and stop whining – that makes companies want to leave. Too many business regulations giving government employees way to much power and chasing companies away. Too many taxes fee assessments in all we do (destroying our ability to save). Government takes it all in the end. Too many on EDD for long periods of time with little incentive to work again, too many government programs. Illegal aliens take those jobs that the unemployed could do to start over again.

Kevin O’Connor

Santa Barbara