Nov. 23

Orcutt bears brunt of burglary spree

The Sheriff’s Department is reminding citizens to lock their cars after the arrest of a Central Coast woman, who detectives have linked to nearly a dozen car burglaries over a six-week period. The woman, 30, of Paso Robles, was originally arrested by the Santa Maria Police Department on Nov. 16. Detectives linked her to at least nine cases in Orcutt. In the majority of incidents, she would hang around a church or school parking lot and targeted unlocked vehicles. When arrested, she had more than 100 gift cards from at least 46 stores and businesses that she obtained through the crime spree. She was booked into county jail on $100,000 bail.

Nov. 29

Drug bust

A deputy saw two trucks parked at the dead end of Commerce Drive in Buellton. He approached a truck occupied by a male, 33, of Los Osos, and a female, 24, of Santa Ynez. The truck they were in was illegally parked within 5 feet of a fire hydrant. He asked the male driver if there were any weapons in the vehicle. The driver said he had a rifle behind the back seat. The deputy observed two prescription bottles on the floor behind the driver’s seat. A search of the vehicle yielded a plastic bag in the dash that later tested positive for methamphetamine. The passenger told the deputy she had a meth pipe concealed in her groin area and that it belonged to the driver. She said they agreed to meet and get high. The man admitted the meth was his but denied giving her the pipe. He agreed to provide a urine sample and admitted it would test positive for meth. He said he usually stores it under his truck bed, securing it with a magnet from his computer hard drive. He said he wasn’t selling drugs anymore and they had confiscated the remainder of his drugs. He was booked into county jail. The woman was cited and released. The vehicle was towed to a nearby commercial lot. The rifle was confiscated and later determined to be non-registered.

Green means go

A deputy stopped at a red light on Alamo Pintado Road saw a vehicle speeding westbound on Highway 246. The car then slowed and abruptly stopped at the intersection at a green light. The driver paused for a few seconds and then continued west. The deputy pulled behind the driver and noticed the car’s front windshield had cracks running across its length and width. He stopped the driver, 26, of Lompoc, who provided his license and insurance paperwork. The deputy noted his speech was thick and slurred and his pupils were dilated for the lighting conditions. The deputy asked the driver about his recent drug use and the man said he had taken his girlfriend’s Xanax earlier that morning. The man showed other symptoms of being under the influence. The man claimed his heart rate was high because he had high blood pressure. The man refused to provide a urine sample, even though the deputy said if it revealed no drug use he’d be set free. But the man still refused. He was arrested and booked into Lompoc City Jail. His vehicle was towed to a nearby commercial lot.

Dec. 1

Stolen purse

A man called deputies after he discovered the window on the passenger’s side of his vehicle smashed in Buellton. He reported that his wife’s purse, which she left in the car when she parked the night before, was stolen. It contained $150. The vehicle doors were still locked. The woman left the purse on the vehicle’s center console within reach of the broken window. The case was suspended, pending leads.

Dec. 3

Taking photographs

A man reported his camera bag stolen after he took photos of an event at the Solvang Veteran’s Memorial Hall. The man arrived at the event at 6:45 p.m. and put his camera bag and jacket underneath the kitchen serving tables and took photographs. When he returned to get his bag at 7:20 p.m., he found it missing. Inside was $5,080 of camera equipment and accessories. The man didn’t see anyone suspicious. He emailed the serial numbers of the stolen items to the deputy. The case was suspended, pending leads.

Dec. 5

Crying wolf?

A deputy was dispatched to an apartment in Buellton on a report of a robbery. The victim, 22, said the day before at 9 p.m. he had taken a walk after having a heated argument with his spouse and encountered two males at the corner of 2nd Street and La Lata Drive. He said they asked him if he knew what time it was, and when he looked down at his watch one of the males pulled a knife toward his waist and demanded money. He handed them two wedding rings and a yellow gold bracelet. The rings, he said, were valued at $350 apiece and the bracelet cost $2,100. He called authorities after the jewelry store purchased the bracelet from (he had paid only $900 on it) required he provide a law enforcement case number for the insurance policy to cover the remaining balance of the bracelet. The deputy noted the man’s story was inconsistent. He only vaguely described the subjects, still had his wallet and acted nonchalantly for someone who’d recently been robbed. The man claimed he waited a day to report the crime (he had his cellular phone during the alleged crime) because he was scared. The deputy gave him a case number and told him to contact him if he received further information about the subjects.

Life or death

A Buellton woman called deputies to report a man threatened to kill her. She said her 16-year-old niece had recently moved in to her home in an effort to stay sober. The girl’s parents had a long history of drug abuse and the niece herself had used drugs for the past five months. The woman said she believed the father of her niece’s friend was supplying the two young girls with drugs. At noon she called him and asked him not to contact her niece anymore. He called her back and threatened to kill her. The deputy noted that the man currently had a warrant for his arrest, was known to have access to guns and was believed to be dangerous. The woman requested extra patrol near her residence. The case was forwarded to the District Attorney’s office for review.

Dec. 9

Familiar face

Deputies responded to the Chumash Casino on a report of a wanted subject who fled from security staff. The man fled east from the main entrance toward Sanja Cota Avenue with security personnel following on foot. The responding deputy joined the pursuit that took them east toward Edison Street. The man eventually ran into a creek bed south of Casino Drive. The man had two outstanding felony warrants for his arrest and the deputy recognized his face from the Sheriff’s Department Most Wanted list. Casino security and backup deputies cordoned off the area where he was last seen. The man surfaced with his hands aloft shortly after a deputy and his barking K-9 partner, Gango, arrived. The man, who was homeless, said he had consumed $20 worth of heroin and snorted meth two days prior. A drug test revealed that he had amphetamines and opiates in his body. He was booked into county jail.