For generations now, several studies have tried identifying the qualities that made people to believe in the news. The research comes to a conclusion that the general public wants journalism to be accurate, balanced, fair and complete.

How the News was Delivered?

What’s more challenging is that, these conventional ideas of trust were made long before the introduction of the internet and it didn’t account for all ways that people these days are getting news and to how publishers are delivering it. So for instance, people in Füssen im Allgäu, perhaps, majority of them are getting news through local TV but neighboring cities or states may have it from the internet.

The difference in the medium in which the news was obtained will impact how it was delivered to the masses.

Based on Studies

Based on studies, there are factors affecting the credibility of the news reported and these are:

Accuracy – this will always be the paramount principle when it comes to trust. About 85% of Americans are rating it as extremely important to any news organization to set their facts straight. It is imperative to dig deeper to the specifics to ensure that all information that will be disclosed is 100% accurate.

Timeliness – this is the next significant factor to trust. Around 76% of adults say that it is essential for them that the news report is current while providing valuable information. This is something that any media is competing on, especially in the digital age.

Clarity – 72% of individuals agree that it is so important that the news report is concise and also, on point to what it is trying to say.

When delivered online, there are still several factors that are in play like whether the ads is interfering with the news, is the app or website loading fast and if the content works as expected on smartphones.

Social Media and its Reliability as a News Platform

To be able to overcome the skepticism of the public, consumers of social media news say that they are watching for cues that would help them to know which sources to trust and not.