If you open a newspaper then you can recognize different types of text. For some people, they still prefer to read the latest happenings in the newspaper while enjoying their morning coffee or after doing a valorant boost. It has become part of their lives to check the text in the newspaper.


Types of text in the newspaper

  • News
  • Reports
  • Letters to the editor
  • Interviews

The text types are divided into

  1. A) Informative (message, report)
  2. b) Texts that express opinions (reportage, letter to the editor, interview, comment).


The message

Messages consist of one column. It is also called a message.

They currently provide information about what is happening in the world.

The message is very simple so that the reader knows the most important information quickly. Everything is answered by the so-called W questions.

Who? was involved

What? has happened

When? it happened

Where? it happened

How? it happened

Why? it happened


The report

Another text form of the newspaper is the report.

The report is a long form of the message. A photo makes the text clearer. The report also answers all W questions but provides even more precise and detailed information about the event: about the background, the people involved and the consequences.

A report consists of…

  • Roof row
  • Headline
  • Subline
  • Opening credits

Many reports are written in the so-called “lead” style. “Lead” means opening credits. The most important information is listed at the beginning. The headline should grab the reader’s attention right from the start, the lead briefly informs about the content.

Then there is important additional information and interesting details. Additional details follow at the end.


The interview

A conversation in the form of a question and answer between a journalist and his interlocutor is called an interview. The factual message and commentary of the interlocutor mix.

It is important for a journalist to guard the spread of fake news during interviews.

The letter to the editor

Letters to the editor are a way of reacting immediately to news of the day. Each letter to the editor is printed with the name of the author.

In letters to the reader, readers express themselves in writing on a certain topic. They often comment on issues reported in the newspaper.