A full-face makeup has entirely consisted of a nice dewy face, a hint of blush to get by, a splash of eyeshadow to set the mood, an optional vibe for falsies, that bold lip, and to top everything, all of, to somehow glue all the pieces together, is your on-point eyebrow game. From the 2000s where the winner of the battle is the one with the thinnest brows, to the age of the millennia where everybody aims to make those brows the most highlighted, thick, precise asset. Years sure do give a new vibe to how beauty and the world of cosmetics run, which trends are in and which ones are out the door.

What’s Hot and What’s Not

Everyone is very much updated on how this generation wants their eyebrows done- bushy, thick, and put together. No one can blame a lady who can’t go about the day without making sure that she has her strongest weapon, and yes, it’s her brows. The makeup industry is very much pleased to cooperate in this aspect, making sure that hundreds of beauty brands cater to an array of options to get and make the best brows a girl deserves. Brow gels, pigmented brow colors, pomades, concealers, and everything that goes along is what completes the set. Of course, innovation won’t go to close behind with permanent solutions to this everyday game of putting on a nice pair of brows by which they served microblading and brow tattoos that can be seen on https://www.natalierosecosmetics.com/.

But as quickly as this trend took the beauty industry by storm, so does its tendency to be replaced by emerging styles that prove to fit to how the generation evolves and adapts. Beauty lines and cosmetic groups have claimed that the nearly perfect brow game will now be replaced with what others call as the natural game on where basically, all it takes is the most natural form of the brows which is messy, bushy, undefined. In this case, it can take less of the time to get ready and dolled up plus this trend actually paves way for a more ageless look. As trends come and go, defining beauty and what’s hot, makeup surely is a more aesthetic ground to express individuality, where you should always feel comfortable and your most confident self.