How does one distinguish from someone who is honest and someone who is lying?

The world is filled with thousands and millions of people— most of them are just two kinds, one is honest and one is lying. A lot of people even make use of lie detector tests to see if they are living with someone who is genuinely honest to them— or not.

But if people see this in a more brighter perspective, they would know that honesty actually lies behind our freedom.

Imagine the crisis that people are living to today. Example to these is financial crisis, relationship crisis, political crisis and even crisis in nature.

We are slowly getting eaten by the people’s desire to live and survive which is one of the reasons why that they lie, or shy away from honesty. Because through lying, everything seems easy.

Honesty: More Than Just Telling the Truth

The idea of being honest is often thought of as simply sharing our opinions about stuff. I like this politician, you like that politician. I think those clothes are great, you think those clothes are ugly.

Basically, the great majority of relationship conflicts are battles about opinions, two people trying to convince each other about the rightness of their position. But honesty includes a lot more than just sharing your opinions and interpretations of the world and your perception of truth and reality.

So not unless if you are using lie tests, how does one know if someone is lying?

Characteristic of an Honest Citizen

In a world full of chaotic false promises and lies, finding one that is genuinely honest is a real trait. Here are a few characteristics of an honest person.

  1. Someone who is not concerned about popularity. They are simply who they are regardless of what their peers think of them.
  2. They stand up for what they believed in. they don’t go looking for fights but they know how to fight for what they believed in.
  3. They are trusted and notable. You know they are honest because their peers and the people surround them can testify to it.