The modern furniture market offers customers an extensive range of products of various qualities at affordable prices. It is worth noting that most manufacturers prefer to focus on the production of a specific type of bed, providing customers with a wide range. There are many great bed manufacturers outside that you can consult such as Hugo & Sons.

Examples of manufacturers of metal beds in Russia

Forged elements and other openwork parts of metal beds are optimally combined with any modern interior, as well as classic solutions and any styles from minimalism to country. Manufacturers offer a wide range of metal beds in various configurations. “Beds812” is a specialized production of metal beds with home delivery located in St. Petersburg. The large area of ​​the warehouse store allows each client to navigate the range of products and their technical characteristics in order to choose the best option for themselves. Komplektopt is a Moscow manufacturer of economy-class metal beds, bunk, and standard frame designs of various sizes.

Manufacturers of wooden beds in Russia

For the manufacture of beds, various types of wood are used, treated with varnishes and paints, which maintain an attractive appearance and functionality of the product. It should be noted that the production process for durable beds is based on the selection of dried, dense, and high-quality wood. Laconic and original wooden beds will decorate a modern interior, giving the rooms a unique flavor of natural material. Ecomebel is a manufacturer of natural solid wood beds based on standard designs or custom-made designs. The price of the finished product depends on wood species, sizes, and decorative elements. The company’s website provides customers with the opportunity to choose sizes, wood species, and varnish colors for finished furniture. “Massiv” is a furniture factory specializing in the production of bedroom sets from valuable wood species. High-income customers will appreciate the exquisite design and durability of the product.

Pine bed manufacturers

Pine furniture is an affordable alternative to beech or oak, not inferior to the external and functional characteristics of more expensive species. Light shades of pine will be the perfect complement to a Scandinavian-style interior. “Krovatto” is a manufacturer of affordable beds made of solid pine. The factory provides customers with the opportunity to choose a design project, a shade of wood, and also choose a mattress modification. In addition, Krovatto uses several varnishes for wood to choose from, which allows you to vary the color of the finished furniture. “Ormatek” is a manufacturer of budget pine beds, offering several options for standard modifications of bedroom furniture. The manufacturer provides an opportunity to order furniture on credit or by installments, the production process is based on the use of modern foreign wood processing technologies.

Manufacturers of beds with a lifting mechanism and drawers in Russia

Most owners of small apartments strive to effectively use all the free space. Beds with lifting mechanisms and roomy drawers for storing home textiles will help zealous housewives to correctly sort the necessary things. In the production of such beds, modern metal fittings and components are used to create functional and silent systems. Hinding Anders is a manufacturer of lifting beds based on successful Swedish and Finnish technologies. The combination of laconic Scandinavian design, high-quality fittings, and technological design will allow each customer to choose the best option. Full House is a versatile furniture manufacturer providing modern bed frame designs with built-in lifters and storage solutions. The combination of various options for modern design and technological design will allow each buyer to complement the bedroom with a suitable bed.

Beds with lifting mechanism 140×200

It should be noted that modern manufacturers widely use custom-made lifting mechanisms to take into account the individual dimensions of their customers’ premises. Also popular is the standard size of a double bed, which is 140×200 cm. Ormatek is a highly specialized manufacturer of beds with lifting mechanisms of various sizes, including the popular one – 140×200 cm. Lifemebel is a lift bed manufacturer that uses a laconic Scandinavian design in their products. Natural materials, technological processing, and regular promotions will save buyers money.

Solid wood beds from the manufacturer

When choosing furniture for a bedroom, it is customary to pay attention not only to the price and quality but also to the environmental friendliness of the material from which it is made. The indisputable leader in this is the solid wood beds, which are noticeably distinguished by their solidity and special gloss. The use of various technologies when working with natural wood makes it possible to create products with a unique, original design. Of course, natural wood products are more capricious than their counterparts from laminated chipboard and MDF. In order for such a bed to serve for many years, it is necessary to comply with the requirements for the temperature regime in the room, to maintain a certain level of humidity.