The social media can be our source of helpful information to make our lives easier. We can look for tips shared by different people online and use them as our guide. However, we already know by now that not every bit of information posted in the social media can be trusted, as many of them are made-up lies posed as “reliable news.”

The rise of fake news has caused a lot of trouble for many people. For example, those who easily believe in fake news about health and wellness are likely to discover some issues along the way for following harmful tips that are not even recommended by doctors and other specialists. See, following fake news can cost your own precious life. However, speaking in a general sense, the spread of fake news also has alarming implications on the state of a country.

Fake News Being Used For Political Reasons Can Be A Way For Tyrrants To Successfully Rule Everyone

It is scary how fake news articles are written just like a normal fact-based news journals. Fortunately, there are ways for us to draw the line between fake news and real, reliable news. There is still a chance that many others will fall victim to fake news, and due to the manipulative nature of these write-ups, the person or group behind the fake news report can easily sway the public’s perception about important things in the society. Without the people knowing it, the mastermind behind these fake news articles can manipulate the public to put him in power and rise as a dictator.

Fake news can cause further divide among ourselves, thus destroying every chance for us to be united. This is what a tyrrant would like to happen, as a divided public has no power to overthrow him while he is out there doing as he pleases. A fake news peddler has the power to ruin an already established thought or belief in the society. There are many reasons for him to do so, but it is kind of obvious that spreading lies is the only way for him to set his sinister plans into motion.

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