Newspapers are bulky, paper is heavy. Those who switch to digital reading save weight and space. This is how the news arrives on your smartphone or tablet. You just need to download jailbreak to maximize the functions of your mobile device.

The selection of reading products is also increasing. In addition to newspapers and magazines, you can browse news portals. The news comes to your smartphone or tablet. You don’t even have to look for it. Another advantage of digital reading is that much of the content is free.


Jailbreak: News on iPad and iPhone

If you have your iPhone or iPad with you, you can bridge waiting times with the latest news from all over the world or with reading. What you need:

  • iPad or iPhone
  • SIM card (mobile phone contract)
  • Cellular connection or WiFi
  • Browser or suitable apps

Jailbreak: This is how it works with the iPad or iPhone

Search for an app in the App Store

You need an app for everything you want to do on the iPad/iPhone. You can find it in the App Store. If you want more information, look for the right app under “Categories” in the “News” section. To make the search easier, you can display the apps by “popularity” or by “rating”. If an app interests you, click on the image of the app. In this way you can find out more about the content and whether it is paid or free.

Download the app

If you like an app, download it to your iPad/iPhone. To do this, tap on “Load” and then on “Install”. You will now be asked for your password for the App Store. Enter it. Confirm the entry with OK”. The download with installation starts now. The blue, round circle shows you how quickly the app is installed on your device. When the app is ready, the “Open” button appears. One tap on “open” and you are in the app.

Activate push notification

If you have the news app open, it will ask you whether the app is allowed to send you news. This refers to so-called push notifications that announce that important news has just been published.

Personalizing the app

You can personalize some apps. In the app, you determine which topics or categories are of interest to you. In the future, the app will primarily show you the information you want.