The great thing about rugged laptops is that they can take a beating, experience an occasional drop here and there, or go through extreme weather conditions and temperature, and still work. The downside to owning a rugged laptop is that as it gets to look tired and forlorn, it becomes more and more difficult to sell the equipment.

Besides, the idea of acquiring a newer model gets more and more attractive. Yet it would be a pity if the old rugged laptop ends up as one of the odds and ends currently cluttering your work space.

The solution to that is simple; look around for PC retailers with trade in deals. They give valuation to an old laptop or gadget you wish trade for a new unit. Depending on the type of laptop or gadget that you intend to acquire in exchange, valuations range from as low as £50 to as high as £400.

Even Apple has a Trade-Up Program that most iPhone users avail when looking to upgrade to the latest iPhone model. However, not all iPhones qualify, especially the older models. Nonetheless, iPhone 5 and other succeeding models qualify for trade-up deals.

How Do Trade-Ins of Tech Equipment and Gadgets Work?

Actual processing of trade in deals takes place at the PC store. You can trade in any brand for trade-in deals currently offered. The best way to go about it is to first use the store’s online valuation system, to know if your equipment or gadget laptop qualifies. That way you can shop around for other stores, as a way of looking for the best value offer.

If your equipment qualifies, choose the equipment or device to which the store’s trade-in deal applies. Take Currys Deals for one, which include a “Trade-in and Save” offer for those looking to upgrade their tablet or laptop by buying an iPad Pro or a Macbook.

The store will evaluate your laptop or tablet on certain criteria, such as power-on capability, or wear and tear. If damaged, the cause of damage will likewise ascertain the value that will apply as reduction of the iPad Pro or Macbook. In this example, buying an iPad Pro or Macbook Air via Currys trade up, will reduce the actual price by up to £100. You may even get up to £200 or £400 at the least, if your trade in equipment qualifies for a higher-priced Macbook.