Instagram’s recent updates in the Reels and Stories section of the IG platform entailed the roll out of new tools that many users report as useful in making their posts more creative. Instagram though has yet to confirm if a full roll out of the feature has been completed in all regions and countries where Instagram is available.

What is Instagram Reels?

In August of this year, Instagram released a new feature called Instagram Reels, which allows social media users to produce fun and brief videos on the app. The Reels feature also allows users to use existing videos by simply uploading them from their gallery or by recording a new one right on the spot.

Basically, the Reels feature is quite similar to Tik Tok as it allows users to create and/or edit 15-second long video clips, whilst adding various effects, audio, and other creative enhancements. Furthermore, Reels can be viewed by your followers on the Feed section and in Explore for public IG account. Explore are best for those looking to expand their audiences internationally.

Their Reels video clips can be saved either as a draft or share directly with followers. Additionally, Instagram users can put hashtags, captions, as well as tag their friends or even change the cover image for their Reel content.

New Tools for Creating Reels

Look for the Reels icon right below the camera where a pop up will present different editing tools to use when creating a video content. Currently, the existing tools include: Audio, AR Effects, Align, Timer & Countdown, and Speed.

The new tools rolled out recently give users more options for their creativity:

Voice-Over and Mix-Audio – These tools enable users to add multiple audio clips in a single Reels content, with options to use one’s own voice clips or just additional music clips. Furthermore, the new tool also gives users audio level controls.

Watermarks for Instagram Reels – Reels creator will get to have their own watermarks, which appears at the top left of the completed video clips. This new tool the Reels creator gets credit for the video clip even if shared by followers and other users.

Edit Clips Update – The Edit Clip tool received updates that give creators the ability to change each element with a specified capacity.

Branded Content Tags – This tools will enable the Reels creator to add tags to the video to indicate it is under sponsorship by a specific business, company, or organization.

Camera Booth and Multi-Capture Mode – The Camera Booth tool allow a Reels creator to capture multiple video shots to display in sequence, while the Multi-Capture Mode, will give the creator to capture multiple images with a single tap of the button.

Still Looking for Ways to Add Multiple Links to Your IG Content?

The one drawback to using Instagram for promotional or marketing purposes is that it allows users to add only one external link to their Instagram Bio account. This limitation prevents promoters and marketers to add other useful links where the audience can access their brand’s promotional offers such as a promo discount or giveaways. The current system in providing such links requires the viewer to copy the link and paste it on their browser.

Nonetheless, the drawback is not without a solution as there are Instagram bio link tools being provided by third parties external to Instagram. Readers who want to know more about Instagram Biolink tool will find a more comprehensive article on this page: