Ask people around you regarding how social networking sites affect them and majority will tell you how it changes their lives. With these platforms, it is offering people to have a place to gather and share interests and opinions every now and then with those who share the same. However, the most recent events in the world showed the effectiveness of these online communities for getting the freshest bits of news either on national or international level.

In Just a Click of a Button

Despite the fact that people’s opinions and/or interests would vary from one person to the other, still there remains a common denominator when talking about national or international news. Given that these platforms are intended to connect people from all corners of the world, we are seeing at a massive potential of gathering information and becoming aware of the current events happening here and abroad.

In fact, this has also been a big help among students who are doing research and reports. After browsing through their social media accounts, they can simply download a copy of the news information and print it with their printer they acquire from

Moving forward though, what we are focusing here is the potential of these websites to collect and share breaking news. When compared with conventional news networks, it is debatable that social networking sites are more efficient and effective in serving the freshest and latest news.

The great thing about social media is that, the news information can be easily passed along either via word of mouth or, share it to other networking sites using the “share” button. It is that easy!

Below is a quick rundown of how social media sites are slowly outperforming conventional news broadcasting networks.

News are Reported Real-Time

Social sites are not assigning people to collect news. Rather, they have freewill to share interests, information or news as they see it. Let’s face it. Humans have this innate natural curiosity. And taking videos of something that is happening allows them to share this curiosity to a bigger audience and automatically becomes a news.

Fast Transmission of Information

Any info that’s been picked up is almost instantly “released” online. As of this writing, there’s no other channels of disbursing info to general public than the internet.