The most common sexual problem among men is premature ejaculation, the lack or absence of ejaculation control wherein it frequently occurs much earlier before the man or his partner wants to causing distress to one or both.

The best delay spray is a quick and easy solution to delaying ejaculation. There are numerous brands in the market that have some type of local anesthetic which provides a numbing effect to help men last longer in bed. Essentially, it would lessen the stimulation which delays ejaculation. Thousands of men across the world are affected by premature ejaculation (even their partners). However, in several cases, premature could still be solved by making use of products like the best delay spray.

Solutions To Premature Ejaculation

Some ejaculate once foreplay begins, others while still attempting to insert penis, whereas some men ejaculate right after penetration. Regardless, premature ejaculation could be very distressing and could bring about strain and tension in the relationship of the man and his partner.

Apart from delay sprays, there are other solutions to premature ejaculation depending on its cause as well as whether it is acquired premature ejaculation (such as erectile dysfunction) or lifelong premature ejaculation (such as an imbalance in chemicals in the brain centers that control this function). Below are some ways to treat premature ejaculation:

  • Seeking the help of a specialist or a sex therapist is a step to treat premature ejaculation.  A specialist could help you determine the cause and be able to give you advice and treatment. A sex therapist would provide counseling and psychotherapy on any triggering anxieties that lead to premature ejaculation which could be managed and eased.
  • Delay sprays or topical creams could be used to lessen the penile sensation and stimulation. Spray or apply the cream 30 minutes prior sexual intercourse. Although there are organic sprays and creams, it should be used with a condom to ensure your partner doesn’t absorb it.
  • Do Kegel exercises. These exercises are put together to make stronger the pelvic floor. To determine where your pelvic floor muscles are, when urination, stop in midstream. This action is what you have to practice with an empty bladder. Contract that pelvic floor muscles tightly and hold it for about 10 seconds.  Do these 10 times, thrice daily.
  • Learn the Semans technique and the Masters and Johnson technique. The Semans ‘stop-start’ behavioral technique entails learning to control or hold back the sensations before ejaculation. The concept is to constantly bring yourself near ejaculation, and then to stop before ejaculation and rest. The Masters and Johnson technique entails squeezing the top of the penis when close to ejaculation to reduce the desire to release. These exercises could be performed alone or with your partner.