Among the other parts of the house, the bedroom is the part that has a more personal touch. Aside from that, it is only in the bedroom where you can stay even when it’s dark, so bright, or a little bit dim. So, choosing the appropriate lighting design of your room is really important to make it a comfortable place for resting and going up for the day. This is also the reason why you should hire a professional painting company.

Guide for Your Bedroom Lighting

Below is the basic guide to show you the right way of lighting a bedroom. Check this out and try to enlighten your day inside your room. In case you are looking for the best light bulb, visit

Bedroom Light Layering

The key to creating the best lighting inside the bedroom is to learn the proper way of layering your lights. This simply means having a balance among the ambient, task, and accent lighting. Producing this kind of balance will give you the result of lighting for all moods and activities.


The ambient lighting is the best start to build the foundation of your room’s lighting. Appropriate light for the ambient includes natural lighting through windows or sunlight. It may also include artificial lighting. Ambient or general lighting gives sufficient lighting inside the room in which it allows you to do the general house chores such as cleaning and doing the dishes. 


Task lighting intends to give emphasis on activities that require much attention. These activities may include reading, applying makeup, or working on a desk. It is advisable to layer these task lights over the general lighting. 

However, the task lights are not required to be enclosed inside the conventional desk task light. Try putting task lights on the bedside like table lamps or mount them on the wall on the side of the headboard. 

Despite the design and location, the functionality of the task light primarily depends on its bulb.


This type of bedroom lighting is used to attract attention and emphasize special elements among the given space. For example, highlighting an artwork inside the room. The accent light offers a homey glow and cosy environment


On the aspect of lighting layering inside your bedroom, the dimmers are essential in the impressive state of the design. Aside from incorporating extra dimension inside the room, dimmers are naturally multifunctional.