If you want to become a journalist, there are numerous entry opportunities open to you. Because the term journalist is not protected, you can call yourself as such as soon as you pursue a journalistic activity. In order to be successful in your profession, however, you should acquire the tools of a journalist.

What does a journalist do?

Research topics

While you tend to work with daily news agency reports for daily newspapers or news portals, obtaining information from local newspapers, magazines, or information portals is more important. Here you use various sources, for example, the Internet, press releases, or city programs, to find new article topics or to find information for stories that are already in progress. Especially with investigative articles, it is important that you look at different perspectives and uncover as yet unknown sources through intensive research. Just like buying gifts for 12 year old boys, you need to search for suitable items when searching online.


Write articles and news

Of course, selecting important information is only half the battle. Once you have gathered the necessary facts, you can formulate them into a finished message or article, depending on the medium of your choice. This can be a multi-page story in a weekend newspaper, a short message for an internet portal, or a script for a radio report that will be recorded later. Your work usually has one of three goals: It should either reproduce events, explain complex relationships, or bring still unknown facts to light.


To hold an interview

Regardless of whether you’re capturing voices after the game in sports, asking musicians about their new album, or cross-examining local politicians on the city council’s most controversial issues: Interviews are part of everyday journalism. These are not always the long question-and-answer rounds that you know from the media. Individual statements that you weave into the reporting are usually preceded by short interviews. The correct questioning technique is therefore part of the regular repertoire of a good journalist.


Create media content

When many people think of the term journalist, they first think of the frenzied reporter from the local newspaper. But journalists are not only out and about in print editors around the world, but also on the Internet, on TV, and on the radio. Employees with additional technical knowledge are becoming more popular with publishers and editorial offices. As a modern journalist, you not only write articles but also often take the appropriate photos. You are out and about with the video camera for TV reports or web videos. On the radio or for podcasts, you not only create your texts, but you also speak them yourself.