Coffee has become a major business product not only in the U.S. but throughout the globe. Yet any kind of business is only as good as the availability of resources, including natural and human resources associated with production.

In the 2020 World Economic Forum held in Davos, businesses are urged to operate in a sustainable manner, by using electricity generated by clean methods or from renewable sources of energy. After all, the sustainability concept is greatly linked to the protection of the environment and the Earth’s atmosphere.

This denotes that if the known origins of coffee run out of tillable soil for producing quality coffee, and/or produce generations that refuse to dedicate their lives to growing coffee, a booming coffee business will have nowhere to go but down.

On their part, coffee shop owners must also participate in initiatives that work and contribute toward achieving sustainability of the global coffee business. Such initiatives include procuring only organically and shade-grown coffee bean, and from farms employing sustainable methods of growing coffee beans.

Use of clean and or renewable energy for one, will prove to be advantageous, particularly for a coffee shop that uses electric coffee makers and electric coffee grinders as main equipment.

Use of Clean or Renewable Energy to Reduce Costs of Electricity

An electrically-powered coffee maker alone consumes between 300 and 600 watts in brewing 2 cups of coffee; up to 1000-1500 watts for brewing 8 to 10 cups. Add to those the amount of electricity used by a coffee grinder, which consumes 300 watts in every use.

In the states of Vermont, New York and California, most electricity providers now procure electrical power coming from producers who generate electricity by way of solar farms, and other methods; such as wind turbines, hydroelectric power, or biomass fuels. Their selection as providers of renewable energy is based on certificates that attest to their compliance with the state’s standards for renewable or clean energy.

Actually, the widespread production and use of clean and renewable energy has resulted in making solar and wind generated electricity a lot cheaper when compared to electricity produced by way of coal and nuclear power. Based on a financial analysis prepared by financial advisory firm Lazard Limited, electricity produced by solar and wind power has gone down by 85 percent and 66 percent since 2009 to 2016.

Coffee shop business owners may even consider installing their own solar power system, while the Tax Credits related to such projects are still available. The federal tax credit is in essence a reimbursement of 30 percent (30%) of the costs incurred in installing a system that generates solar electricity.

Explore this option because such incentives are scheduled to decrease or be discontinued in 2022. If Trump gets to be re-elected, he might succeed in his efforts to remove those incentives from the Energy Department’s spending allocation.

In the meantime, if such options are still unavailable to you, why not take baby steps by using a manual coffee grinder. That way you can still reduce the cost of electricity being used by your coffee shop. You can obtain additional information about the best manual coffee grinders available in the online market at this website