After a tiring day in the office, even the most relaxed people can be able to bread down at any minute. As Forbes stated, anxiety can seriously hamper our productivity. So after leaving the office after an especially tiring day, it’s necessary that you concentrate on de-stressing so that you can be efficient at work the next day.

Need some motivation as to how precisely you can de-stress? Here are some ideas:

1. Go for a quick jog or walk

Aside from simply being great for your overall health, exercise has also demonstrated to help alleviate stress while concurrently increasing workplace efficiency.

To de-stress after work, try walking, jogging, swimming yoga. Play a pickup game of hoops. Any exercise that raises your heart rate and causes you to get a little sweaty will help alleviate some of your anxiety so you’re better ready to fight the next.

2. Paint or Draw

Art has shown to help lessen stress. When you’re concentrating on building your masterpiece, your mind shifts from the issues that might have feared you out during the office hours.

3. Take a break from using smartphones

Are you the kind of person who wakes up and immediately checks for updates on your mobile device before going to the office to look at a screen for the whole day? Too much gadgets stress you out, as per the Huffington Post article.

To de-stress after a long day of work, turn your screens off and get a book or a magazine rather.

4. Have some happy meal

If you’re not fond of cooking, you apparently don’t want to strive to cook duck à l’orange after a difficult day in the office.

But according as per the New York Daily News article, cooking can help lessen exhaustion because it permits you to tap into your artistic side. If you have cooking skills, take out your apron when you get home and cook your favorite meal. It’ll ease your mind.