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To secure powerful links to your domain, there are several ways. For news sites, aside from getting help from link building service by Outreach Monks, the highest five options you yourself can do are:

  • Publishing high-quality content consistently.
  • Contributing to third-party sites.
  • Leveraging social media.
  • Finding unlinked mentions.
  • Examining competitor backlinks.

Let’s examine each option individually.

1. Publish High-quality Content on a Daily Basis.

There’s no way around it, no gimmicks and tricks can prevent it. If your content is shallow or maybe mediocre, there’s no way someone goes to link to your site.

Would you link to poor-quality content yourself? I don’t think so.

Invest the energy and resources into creating informative, quality content and publish it on an everyday basis.

Over time, because their writers or editors love and trust your content, you’ll start earning links from other sites. As an example, at Cryptovest, we’ve built an honest amount of quality backlinks from top news sites with no outreach.

Just old-fashioned, quality content that’s published in a timely manner; this seems to be the only and most reliable recipe for powerful links.

2. Contribute to Other Websites

The cool thing about the net is that if you have got absolutely no followers yet, you’ll be able to leverage other sites’ audiences.

Provide value through branded contributions, guest posts, interviews, or the other type of contribution that would benefit another site’s audience.

As always, it’s crucial to provide quality work. If you are doing that, you’ll be able to earn quality links from trusted sites.


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3. Leverage Social Media

There is a typical misconception among digital marketers that social media backlinks are worthless because they’re no-follow.

These links can actually provide you with a lift in your rankings because social signals influence your authority.

Of course, compared to a link from a high-authority site, they are not as powerful. But because people are talking about you and your brand on social media, they still signal to Google that you’re popular. Ensure to leverage any pages or posts you’ll on social media to link back to your domain.

4. Unlinked Mentions

If somebody is citing you in an editorial and doesn’t link back to you, you’ll be able to reach bent them thanking them for mentioning you and gently asking them to feature a link to its mention. These are the best links to realize after you have the chance.

But if nobody is citing you, there aren’t any opportunities, right?

Don’t worry. You’ll start having these opportunities over time, once you’re regularly producing and sharing good content.

5. Check Competitors’ Backlinks

An evergreen strategy requires always observing what your competitors do, which applies to backlinks yet.

Check who’s linking to your competitors and see if you have got the possibility to realize the identical varieties of links. You must find some pretty solid opportunities this manner.


Authoritative backlinks don’t seem to be easy to urge, but if you publish excellent content on the same basis, the results you’re searching for will come.

At the start, you’ll see slow results, like anyone ranging from zero. But gradually, you’ll gain new editorial fans who will link to your articles and appearance to your site for news associated with your field. And therefore the power of these backlinks will slowly push you up within the rankings, expanding your audience.

The content game is usually called “flywheel marketing” because it starts slow and you have got to place in huge efforts to determine results. But over time, you’ll see that it becomes easier and easier to realize your goals.

Be consistent and earn quality links one article at a time, and you’ll see more of them flowing to you ultimately.